Summary of the Tinnitus initial evaluation and consultation

  1. History Forms
    • Personal Health History
    • History related to your ears, Otologic History
    • Tinnitus related history
    • Sound tolerance history
    • Self ranking of subjective concerns, tinnitus, sound tolerance, hearing
  2. Subjective self-evaluation inventory, THI, HHI
  3. Initial office consultation and discussion of your history
  4. Evaluation- this will vary based on actual type and severity of symptoms. Typically the following will be used:
    • Audiogram
    • Tympanogram
    • Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions
    • Most comfortable and uncomfortable listening levels
    • Pitch and loudness match for tinnitus
    • Minimum masking levels
    • Evaluation of residual inhibition of tinnitus
  5. Review of the results of the evaluation
  6. Discussion of the treatment options